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Infrastructure: paving the path to economic growth

In order to create jobs in Rhode Island and maintain a high quality of life, we must reinvest in our state’s infrastructure and a thriving public transportation system. Gina has a bold vision that will position our state for growth, put Rhode Islanders back to work, and connect our state from Woonsocket to Westerly.

Roads and Bridges

Rhode Island has some of the worst roads and bridges in the country despite spending more per lane mile than most other states. The poor condition of our infrastructure costs the average Rhode Islander $476 per year on automobile repairs. Crumbling roads make our state less safe for families and more expensive for small businesses.

We have an opportunity to improve our state’s transportation infrastructure and put people back to work while rebuilding roads and bridges across our state. As governor, Gina will:

  • Allow cities and towns to immediately upgrade their worst roads and bridges through low-interest loans in an expanded Municipal Road and Bridge Revolving Fund, a program she helped create as Treasurer.
  • Establish a Road and Bridge Funding Formula to pay for ongoing maintenance so that our local roads never become as deteriorated and dilapidated as they are now
  • Seek opportunities for private money to pay for desperately needed infrastructure projects without increasing our state’s debt

Click here to read Gina's plan to put people to work fixing our roads and bridges.

Public Transportation

Gina knows the importance of public transportation first hand: she took the RIPTA bus down Route 44 to get to high school every day. As governor, Gina will:

  • Establish a stable, sustainable funding formula for RIPTA that is less reliant on a gas tax, a source of revenue that actually decreases as more Rhode Islanders choose to take the bus
  • Attract more riders to RIPTA and improving the transit experience with mobile phone apps, better branding and strategic marketing
  • Develop more mass transit options that make it easier to get between airports, ports and other public transportation hubs without a car

Click here to read Gina's vision for public transportation in Rhode Island.