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Making Government Work

Interactions with state government can often be burdensome and confusing. And the decision-making process can seem arbitrary and opaque. We must fix the way Rhode Island's state bureaucracy works with citizens and small businesses, assuring top-quality customer service.

As treasurer, Gina implemented a streamlining management strategy called Lean Management. With this effort, her Treasury team eliminated a 900-claim backlog in the Crime Victims Compensation Program and streamlined processes and workflow in the Unclaimed Property Program, shortening claim-processing time from six to eight weeks to about two weeks. During her tenure, Treasury has returned more than $8 million to Rhode Islanders through that program. These techniques can be expanded across state government.

As governor, Gina will:

  • Review all government regulations within her first year in office to eliminate duplicative or burdensome rules that prevent small businesses from growing.
  • Establish single sourcing for permits and mandatory time limits for turning around applications.
  • Create an Office of Economic Empowerment, an initiative in the governor’s office dedicated to creatively improving the way that government delivers services, and breaking down the silos between government agencies that create waste and inefficiency. Read more.